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Is your professional or personal life is in a trouble?

Are everything about your life is going wrong.

Are you looking for an astrological solution? Hence Astroo.live can help you to solve your issues.

Astrology is an ancient science, which helps to predict the future. Mainly based on the calculation of the present position of the planned and the birth of the client. Expert astrologers can calculate precisely and can able find a proper solution.

We helpyou to book the best astrologer despite off from where you are.

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We are transparent enough to expose the history of each astrologer.

Astroo. live has 500+ astrologers for consulting. Among the list, the client can choose according to their language preference, experience, type of service required.

Vastu Services

Vastu of our living place can also contribute negative impact on our life.

Vastu is bonded with space, time, and architecture and astrology with time. Their blend can create an influence on human life.

Vastu is a traditional Indian architecture system. The aim of Vastu shastra is the integration of architecture with nature. It helps to channelize energy into human life.

Our astrologers will give you suggestions regarding the construction of new buildings, renovation of existing buildings, elements to be added or removed for significant change. For more information, do connect with our Vastu Shastra experts.

Corporate Astrology

Due to the rapid growth of corporate companies, corporate astrology finds more significant. The right person for your organization is the backbone of every organization.

According to corporate astrology, the horoscope of key people’s in an organization matters.

Your birth time is matters. The strength and weaknesses of a person is depending on their horoscope.

From birth time and the current position of one’s planet, we will help you to choose the specific job that matches your horoscope. We also assist you in correct and proper investments in your business growth. Astroo.live to help you find the best fit for your career and business life.


Finding a suitable birthstone will help you avoid the effect of negative impact due to the position of your planet. The gemstones will highlight the vibrations and maintain a balance by redirecting the energy into your body. We have experienced astrologers who can suggest a suitable birthstone according to your birth time and horoscope. Our astrologers can help you select a gemstone by considering colour, hardness, mineral family, and chemical proportion. For more information contact gemology specialist

Matrimonial astrology

Kundali matching is considered an important part of a marriage proposal. Planet and celestial bodies affect human lives. When it comes to the union of two peoples like marriage, it is necessary to find whether their position of planets complements each other or not. The horoscope match of groom and bride is the governing factor in matrimonial astrology. If horoscopes are not complimenting in nature, it may cause ill-effect on their marital life, Such as lack of happiness, peace, money, issues with childbirth, etc. Experienced astrologers can fix the issues with proper calculated remedies and chants. Our astrologers can also suggest solutions for doshas in horoscopes and unite lives.

Love & Relationship advice

Astrology deals with matters of the heart and love. Each relationship is progressing based on one’s zodiac sign. There are six relationship dynamics in a zodiac wheel. The relationship will begin when they resonate. Problems also start with this zodiac sign and the movement of planets. Experienced astrologers can fix the problem by finding the root cause.

Love and relationship are so sensitive issues related to human lives. People having expertise and ethics can only solve this type of issue. Astroo.live can suggest to you the best astrologers for solving your issues.

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