Mahadashas in Astrology

The three prominent things to happen during a native’s life are a promise, transit, and Dasa. Life after the good period in an individual’s life is understood as ‘Mahadasha’. a specific stretch of your time during a person’s life is ruled by a specific planet, called Vimshottari Mahadasha. Different Mahadasha influences differently in life. it's hooked into the earth position within the horoscope. 

There is a sequence of planets followed by the Mahadashas. the earth with its timespan is that the Sun (6 years), the Moon (10 years), Mars (7 years), Rahu (18 years), Jupiter (16 years), Saturn (19 years), Mercury (17 years), Ketu (7 years) and Venus (20 years). the entire timespan sums up to 120 years. The Dasa system works regarding the idea of Nakshatras or Janma Nakshatra.

Areas suffering from Planets

1. Sun Mahadasha

The Sun planet helps in reaching the very best position within the career. It governs fame and results in achievement in politics and government. If the Sun Mahadasha is well placed, then it'll give better benefits. But if placed badly, it can cause being affected in adverse ways.

2. Moon Mahadasha

Moon is that the ruler of all our emotions and well-being. If well placed, it can cause physical well-being with mental peace and richness. results in honor and public recognition. If badly placed, the fields suffer from setbacks and lots of health issues.

3. Mars Mahadasha

This drives in taking the front place for passions as a masculine planet. When Mars comes during a good position the person becomes ambitious and independent. But at an equivalent time, if the earth is afflicted within the chart, the person may show rash behavior and should find himself in accidents. 

4. Rahu Mahadasha

Rahu period brings best and worst at an equivalent time. If badly placed, this planet can bring misery, conflicts, and other difficulties which can find you in death. While when it's during a good place, this will bring honor and success

5. Jupiter Mahadasha

This is the earth of luck and wisdom. When it comes to a good position, life seems to be an easygoing strategy with proper wealth and career growth. A rewarding period is going to be the specialty. At an equivalent time, if wrongly placed, there'll be bad effects within the mentioned things. 

6. Saturn Mahadasha

This planet emphasizes strict discipline. this point period makes an individual strong for the long term life. this is often really beneficial. If well placed, it brings honor and prosperity to their work. just in case of the other way around placement, it can find you filled with frustrations and difficulties.

7. Mercury Mahadasha

This is an intellectual endeavor with good learning, writing, and communication skills within a lifetime. The person might get good-ups. But if it's wrongly placed, it can cause anxiety, instability, and mental tensions. this will also get distracted in business and result in a business loss.

8. Ketu Mahadasha

This is the spiritual enlightenment and detachment from everything. it's going to endow losses, sorrows, or give great spirituality to the person. When rightly placed, Ketu gives extra good leads to respective houses.

9. Venus Mahadasha

This is a time filled with luxuries, beauty, and entertainment. Happiness becomes life’s core part. People lead an excellent good life. But when it's afflicted, there involves the top of all happiness. Then it'll start leading to bad leads in all cases, say, marriages, money, romantic alliances, and so on. 

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