Kumbh Mela

Kumbh Mela or Kumbha Mela is one of the most popular festivals in India. People from various parts of India flood to these pilgrimage centers to take a ritual dip in the holy river during the Kumbh. 

People from all over the nation come together in celebration, devotion, and prayer to attend the Kumbh Mela. They gather on specific dates due to the unified faith which they have within them. 

This magnificent festival lasts up to forty-eight days. At this time, the Hindu devotees unite with deep-rooted faith and devotion to follow the holy rituals. The devotees take a dip in the four different sacred rivers of India.

These rivers include. 

  • Ganges River
  • Prayagraj 
  • Godavari
  • Kshipra river

The pilgrims rushing to take part in the Kumbh Mela believe that taking a ritual dip in the Holy waters would cleanse them of their sins. 

The Maha-Kumbh is also known as a festival of community commerce with lots of fairs, mass feeding of monks and the poor. Going to the Kumbh-Mela fills the devotees with lots of hopes. They look forward to the entertainment aspects of this massive festival too.

The Sadhus and saints come together from all over the nation to take a dip in the holy water. The devotees and pilgrims who come for the festival get to see these saints only during this time. And that is why this festival is called a gathering of Hindu devotees from all walks of life.

Shahi Snan

The entire Kumbh-Mela's importance lies in taking a dip in the Holy waters. And this is known as the Shahi Snan. The saints bathe in the Triveni Sangam. By Sangam, it means the confluence of the holy river Ganga, Yamuna, and the mythical Saraswati. The pilgrims from different parts of the country take a snan believing that they would attain Moksha by performing this ritual dip. They feel that this dip in the Holy water would cleanse them from their past sins. 

Another fact that the pilgrims believe is, taking a dip in the same holy water where the saints took a bath. The devotees thought doing so will enhance the divinity of the rivers and help them benefit from the good deeds and actions of those saints. 

Triveni Sangam

According to our Hindu mythology, the Kumbh Mela has numerous astrological meanings. During this festive season, the Ganga transforms into a divine sanctity and attains nectar-like qualities to cleanse the souls of humanity. And devotees perform Artis and Pooja's on the banks of the river Ganga to receive the blessings of God. 

As Hinduism epitomizes nature as Gods and Goddesses, the river is said to be the basis of one's life. The Triveni Sangam is the most important and sacred part of all. It is the foundation of millions of pilgrims and devotees. The Sangam is said to be the center of all four pilgrimage centers. And so, every place touched by the river is considered to be holy and sacred. That is the reason why millions of people come to the banks of these rivers and perform Artis with lamps during the Kumbh Mela. 

Floating Lamps

Floating the lamps made of wheat flour is also a popular ritual during this season. The bhakts lighting the earthen diyas and floating them create a spectacular view. This ritual has a lot of importance as the lamps stand for the divinity and luminance in our hearts. 

A massive cultural celebration

Other than this, the Kumbh Mela is a cultural celebration for all the Hindus in India. At the time of the Kumbh, various dance programs, religious discourses, devotional songs, and even plays are enacted on stage by the devotees. One can also witness the continuous chanting of Vedic mantras and the yagnas on the banks of the sacred river. 

The devotees follow the doctrines of Hinduism.  They perform acts of charity to help the poor and the needy. Using various cultural programs like dance, music, and so on, the message of the Kumbh Mela gets recalled in the hearts of the devotees. This directs them towards the path of self-realization. 

By taking part in this festival, the devotees cleanse their sins and become spiritually strong. That is why every time during this festival, devotees from different walks of life come together and participate in it with great joy and positivity.  Hence, the Kumbh Mela turns out to be the auspicious confluence of spirituality and astrology.