Wondering what is the Vishu significance all about? The celebration of an innovative Year sometimes embodies new hopes, aspirations and beginnings for a brighter, higher and in any case, secure future.

For Malayalees worldwide, Vishu could also be a celebration that marks the first day of the Dravidian calendar, thereby making it a result of the Kerala New Year. 

Vishu2021 was could also be discovered on April ordinal weekday. Like any other festival, Vishu is a new beginning of the year. It gives new hope and aspiration. People from Kerala celebrate this festival with much enthusiasm in spite of their place of residence. 

Vishu could also be a Hindu festival celebrated among the Indian state of Kerala, Tulu Nadan region in province Mahé district close to areas of the state and their different communities. among the South, the Dravidian calendar starts during the initial day of Medam.

Story Behind Vishu
This festival has been celebrated since 844 AD. On this day Lord Vishnu and his avatar Lord Krishna are worshipped. It is believed that Lord Vishnu is the God of time. Like any other festival, Vishu is also connected to nature. It is remarked by the movement of the sun. Hence it is believed that Vishu is the beginning of the astronomical year.
There is also an interesting story behind the kanikkona(the golden shower plant)which is a must item in Vishu kani. It is believed that Lord Krishna while playing in their village, threw his belly chain (a thin belt is worn around the waist made up of gold) on a tree. It is believed that it turned into kanikona( the golden shower plant) later. 

Vishu Celebration

The Celebration is marked by family time, preparing vivacious auspicious things and viewing Vishukani as a result of the terribly very first thing on the Vishu day. Kani is consists of significantly the golden blossoms of the Indian genus Laburnum or spoken as Kani Konna, money or silver things, unit or pattu, mirror, rice and totally different harvest product. Elders accustomed their younger one's eyes with their palms and uncover their arms slowly after they reach close to the Kani from the sleeping room. it's a special feeling that witnessing Vishu Kani early within the morning following this, the elders among the family provide the younger ones, significantly youngsters with Vishu kaineetam or cash as a token of prosperity, happiness and wealth. It is believed that however lovely your Vishu Kani are, as lovely your life is within the entire year.

The day collectively attracts pyrotechnic play by youngsters, sporting new clothes and thus the take a feast spoken as sadhya. The Vishu arrangement sometimes includes an image of Krishna. Devotees visit temples of Lord Ayyappa Temple or Guruvayur Sree Krishna temple, Kerala to possess a glimpse at a Vishukkani among the temple, the first hours of the day. Later firecrackers square measure burst within the early morning, throughout lunch and night, because the northern region celebrates and burst hearth cracks throughout Diwali.


However, with the pandemic gaining momentum, a temple visit is perhaps about to be avoided by many families. Thus most lovely vishukanies are made their home themselves.  God can reside even in a piece of mud if we are devoted enough we can experience the presence. Learn a lesson -Our Home is our first temple. Find peace and positive energy in our home or else work hard to bring it into your home. There the God resides. This is the message this Vishu.