A Solution to the shani sade sati month

What is Sade Sati?

According to Indian Vedic astrology, Sade Sati is a period of seven and half years. This time is considered the worst period in life. Natives within this period have to face a lot of challenges in their life period. This period starts when Saturn enters into the zodiac sign of a native immediately before the moon.

Mythology behind Saturn

The story is like this, the spouse of the Sun named Savitri finds a legendary creature in her place and went away to her parent's place for some time. This legendary creature was Chhaya, with whom sun parented Saturn. The agreement between Savitri and Chaya was that she would not bear a relation. She came back and sired Yama and the Yamuna with the sun. As a stepmother, she was not kind to Saturn. Yama is claimed to possess hit Saturn within the leg resulting in a limp, aside from a lifetime of deliberate isolation, insult and humiliation.

On the influence of Savithri, Sun gave Yama the lordship over one's Karma. Hence he became the Lord of Death. Then he gave his girl the divine river in India. On realizing, the way Saturn was being treated, he accepted the reality and his mistake. For his curse, the sun assigned  Saturn, the lord of fate.

 On account of a harsh childhood undue to him,  Saturn and Sun do not get on. Astrologically belligerent planets once found within the same constellation in a birth chart causes troubles.

Effects of Sade Sati

The Shani sade is deemed to be the foremost difficult amount within the life of natives. However, it is not continuously inauspicious for everyone. It is unremarkably the person with gets worse results of his life throughout the amount of Sade Sati. Contradictorily, individuals additionally get sensible results from Sade Sati. Saturn transit over the twelfth, first and ordinal house from natal Moon is termed Marquis de Sade Sati amount and provides bother in native's life concerning health and wealth, it additionally affects relations too. During the Saturn transit in the twelfth house from the natal moon, the evil effects are going to be added by the fogeys and close relatives of the native even inflicting their death. It additionally affects the monetary standing of the native by wasteful expenditure.

Transiting Saturn in twelfth from moon also can offer the issues associated with job, health, family. Throughout the ordinal cycle of two and half years, Saturn transiting through the primary house from the moon affects the health, domestic life and career of the native. It additionally affects failure in endeavours, disturbed mental peace, and physical weakness.

During the third cycle of Marquis de Sade Sati, Saturn transiting ordinal house from moon affects the native’s better half and kids, giving a sad life, significant borrowing. Sati also can offer sensible results in line with the moon position.

Remedies for Marquis de Sade Sati

For reducing the dangerous effects of Sati from your life, you have got to try Saturn’s remedies in line with the present cycle of Sade Sati and planetary positions of your chart.  Better to takes a recommendation from a professional to try to. Doing any Saturn remedy without professional recommendations will cause additional issues. The best practice for this drawback is to worship Lord Hanuman. It is believed that Lord Hanuman defeated Shani. Then Shani declared that nobody can ever get affected with the evil eyes if they worship Lord Hanuman.

Summing up

Sade Sani is the worst period in the entire life span. Experienced astrologers can suggest a solution to this problem. Astroo. live is an authentic platform for astrology and its related issues. They possess more than 500astrologers from different parts of India, best known for the land of Astro science.