Lord Hanuman

Lord Hanuman, a Hindu god, is documented as a fanatical devotee of Lord Rama in Hindu mythology. he's the son of Vayu mentioning the central character in the epic Ramayana. Hanuman’s love for Lord Rama is unconditional and also known by the name ‘Ram Doot’. His role was vital within the battle of Lord Rama against the demon king Ravana. 

It is normally said that wherever the ‘Rama’ name is being chanted, the Lord Hanuman is going to be the primary one that reaches that place and therefore the last one who leaves. Lord Hanuman may be a fearless person with courage and wisdom. 

Other Names of Lord Hanuman

The names of Lord hanuman are numerous. They are listed below:

  • Anjaneya; the son of Anjana
  • Vayuputra; the son of Vayu deva
  • Kesari Nandana; son of Kesari
  • Maruti; the son of Maruta
  • Sankata Mochana; who remove hardships and danger
  • Bajrang Bali; the strong person with limbs as tough as Vajra (Diamond)
  • Ram Doot; messenger of Lord Rama
  • Kapeeshwara; lord of all monkeys
  • Panchavaktra; one with five-faced
  • Mahabali; a strong one
  • Mahavira or Vira; the foremost valiant
  • Mahakaya; gigantic


Lord Hanuman is taken into account as a perfect Bhakta of Lord Rama. And so, he's the most character of annual Ramlila celebrations. There are thousands of dramatic plays and dances performed during the Navaratri. Ramlila is a crucial one within the Hindu cities like Ayodhya, Vrindavan, Varanasi, Madhubani, Satna, and Almora. 

Hanuman Jayanti

His birthday is widely known as an enormous festival as Hanuman Jayanti on Chaitra Shukla Poornima within the Hindu calendar. This normally comes within March or April. On today the devotees attend the Hanuman temple before sunrise. They’ll read the stories and say recitations about the great over evil victory. Hanuman Jayanti is widely known throughout the states of India and Nepal.

Interesting Facts On Lord Hanuman

  • Once upon a time, Lord Rama issues a death sentence to Lord Hanuman: Lord Rama loves his devotee Hanuman. But at a time he didn’t greet Vishwamitra and this made Vishwamitra in utmost anger. He asked Rama to offer Hanuman a punishment with Rama’s arrows. Vishwamitra was Rama’s guru and he cannot stand against him. therefore the Rama ordered to kill Hanuman together with his arrows. But the arrows didn’t cause any injuries or harm for Hanuman. It’s because he kept on chanting his favorite Lord Rama’s name.
  • Lord Hanuman Covered his entire body with sindoor: at some point, Lord hanuman saw Rama’s wife Sita Devi put sindoor on her head. when Hanuman asked her the rationale she replied that this is often good for the long lifetime of Lord Rama. So soon Lord Hanuman put sindoor everywhere his body for the long lifetime of Lord Rama.
  • Lord Hanuman is immortal:  consistent with the myths, Lord Hanuman is one among the seven Chiranjeevi. when Lord Rama decided to travel to heaven, many of us went with him. But still, his favorite devotee Lord Hanuman remained on Earth. It, because he got to remain, where the people chant Lord Rama’s name. So it’s a belief that Lord Hanuman still exists here with an in-depth watch of mankind.

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