Sun Transit Scorpio 16th November 2020

The planet Sun is taken into consideration as being the king of all planets. It represents leadership and fame in Kundli. As per Hindu mythology, this planet is revered thanks to the giver of life. As per pseudoscience, the Sun’s position at intervals in the horoscope is auspicious. If the position of the Sun is nice, it will increase success in life. At a similar time, if the position is weak, it leads to losing respect and dignity at intervals the society. 

As the Sun is taken into consideration as a result of the centre of attraction among all the planets in Astro science. The transit of the Sun is taken to be very important in religious texts of astrology. The Sun enters another zodiac sign once overwhelming one zodiac in one month. This Sun’s transit happens as ‘Sankranti’ monthly.

The sun enters Scorpio zodiac arrival on sixteenth Nov 2020 and remains there itself until fifteenth Gregorian calendar month 2020. once then it's going to be transiting through the Sagittarius zodiac sign. The folks contemplate the time of Scorpio Sankranti for charitable deeds.

Impact of Sun Transit in Scorpio

The impact of the Sun transit in Scorpio reflects on the varied zodiac signs. they are explained below:


The Sun transit through the eighth house of the horoscope. this time goes to be barely hard relating to health. This transit is not favourable to you. There may well be the chance of the arrival of a replacement supply of financial gain. However, it looks to be arduous for your concentration. 


The Sun transit is positioned at intervals in the seventh house of the horoscope. This could assist you completely in your married life. Perpetually conceive to have open spoken communication and keep them on the rack whereas creating necessary choices in your life. The likelihood of travel arises.


Here at intervals, the sixth house of the horoscope is that the Sun transit position. This brings harmony in life and provides success. offer smart results at work. simply lookout to stay calm perpetually. Your cold perspective towards any gossip will cause you to carry your head. The foremost necessary half is you will get obviate the long sicknesses.


The transit of the sun is through the fifth house at intervals the horoscope. Some miscalculated steps might happen in your life. might face a tricky time. Take special care of your health. for faculty youngsters this could be helpful simply just in case of any competitive exams.


The Sun transit through the fourth house at intervals the horoscope. This ends up in peace within the family. However, beware of your mother’s health. you may earn enough cash through the property. confine mind to work in bicycle-built-for-two beside your partner to steer a palmy life.


The Sun transit through the third house at intervals the horoscope. you'll need a strong monetary holding this time which might take you to success. this may not last for a true whereas. At work, you will get complete support from your colleagues. do not enable your younger ones to grant something besides your love at this time.


In Libra, the Sun transit through the ordinal house at intervals the horoscope. This makes an effect on investment and finance. you will get smart deals landlocked. you may additionally rent your property for rising profits. beware beside your words. which can hurt or hurt folks. confine mind to need a special care on your savings. 


In Scorpio, the Sun transit is at intervals the first house at intervals the horoscope. various changes may well be happening in life. your concepts might modification this time. therefore perpetually suppose sagely with time before you organize it. can get additional support from the siblings in facing issues.


The Sun transit through the twelfth house at intervals the horoscope. the conceitedness might decline. Their area unit nice probabilities of creating a hasty call and having regret on that afterwards. have to be compelled to face difficulties in work with additional pressure. have to be compelled to expertise or face AN economic crunch throughout this time. Handle them sagely.


The Sun transit through the eleventh house at intervals the horoscope. It gave the impression to be helpful throughout this era. you will get Brobdingnagian respect from the society and their area unit probabilities of being centre attracted ones. will get abrupt advantages from the government schemes. Once you marry this time, then it's going to be smart for your kid. 


In Aquarius, the Sun transit through the tenth house at intervals the horoscope. those who area unit bored with looking for a replacement job will realize one at this time. Productivity will increase at your geographic point. then your relationship with superiors improves. this era goes to be serious on your enemies.


The Sun transit through the ninth house at intervals the horoscope. throughout this era, your father would possibly like some medical attention for his safety in life. There will be an increase in your honour and pride. there will be an improvement in your position at run through your own diligence. Siblings might face some difficulties. Keep management of your expenses, otherwise, it's aiming to decrease your financial gain than before.


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