What is Pitru dosha

The most crucial element of Indian Astrology is ‘Pitru Dosha’. many of us believe that ‘Pitru Dosha’ is that the curse of forefathers or ancestors. It’s a wrong belief. In an actual manner, it's a Karmic debt of ancestors which requires to be paid by the person within the horoscope if their forefathers have committed any quiet mistakes or crimes in their life. Being their child, the person will face the punishments decided for those crimes until they’re cleared. 

As per the position of planets, thanks to the malefic effects of the afflicted planets, the person might stop receiving the great results of beneficial planets and cause ‘Pitru Dosha’. It also can happen thanks to one's own Karma.

Planetary Positions for Pitru Dosha

The Horoscope gets suffering from the Pitru Doshas when planets attain various positions. The common planetary positions are described below:

  • Venus, Saturn, and Rahu: When two or three of those planets inherit the 5th house of the Horoscope, then the Sun becomes malefic and spreads the consequences.
  • Ketu:  If this planet comes within the 4th house of the Horoscope, the person gets malefic effects from the Moon.
  • Mercury and Ketu: just in case if anybody or both the planets come in 1st or 8th house of the Horoscope, the earth Mars spreads bad results.
  • The Moon: When it comes within the 3rd or 6th house of the Horoscope, the person suffers from the malefic effects of Mercury.
  • Venus, Mercury, and Rahu: When any two or three of the planets are available in the 2nd, 5th, 9th, or 12th house of the Horoscope, the earth Jupiter spreads bad results.
  • The Sun, Moon, and Rahu:  If anybody or two or three of those planets comes to the 7th house of the Horoscope, the earth Venus spreads bad results with malefic effect.
  • The Sun, Moon, or Mars:  If any of those or two or three of those planets comes within the 10th or 11th house within the Horoscope, the planet Saturn spreads a malefic effect on the person.
  • The Sun or Venus: When anybody or both comes within the 12th house within the Horoscope, the earth Rahu spreads bad results.
  • The Moon or Mars:  If anybody of those two planets comes within the 6th house of the Horoscope, the earth Ketu spreads inauspicious results.

Effects of Pitru Dosha

The impacts of ‘Pitru Dosha’ during a person’s life may be a major thing. this will take an individual through much harder struggles. a number of them are:

  • Dream of snakes regularly
  • Miscarriage just in case of girls 
  • Dream of ancestors
  • Family quarrels with no specific reason
  • Bad happenings before the beginning of any celebrations
  • Delay in marriages
  • Heavy debt problems
  • Not able to require healthy decisions in profit-making aims

Remedies of Pitru Dosha

The solutions are better treatments for each dosha. commonest remedies by the natives for ‘Pitru Dosha’ are:

  • Arrange Pitru Dosha Nivaran pooja. It should comprise Tripindi Shradh and Pitra Visarjan.
  • Feed, donate red clothes and money to the Brahmins. Then perform Pitru Tarpan on Sunday of Amavasya or Sankranti.
  • Offer water to their Pitras for 15 days during the tithi of their death or on Shradh.
  • Perform rituals of Shradh with proper respect and sincerity.
  • Offer water to the banyan and Lord Shiva daily. 


Pitru Dosha isn't a simple thing to handle by oneself. it's one among the destructive Doshas in astrology that may end in unexpected happenings within the native’s life. The malefic planet should be found first from the birth chart and further steps are often administered. By performing proper remedies, the ill effects are often reduced. 

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