India may be a land of festivals. Every festival in Asian country is widely known with unity, additionally, it represents our culture. Among numerous alternative festivals, Pongal is very important. In India, behind, each festival, there'll be underlying history or a story. 

Story behind Pongal

The myth underlying the Pongal is that it's believed that when Lord Shiva commanded his mount Basava, to travel to the world and convey to everybody that they ought to massage oil daily and eat one time a month. But, Basava told the individuals of the world simply the other of what he's instructed to do. He told them to eat daily and have an oil massage once a month. By this activity, Lord Shiva got angry with him and ordered him to remain on the world at the side of the farmers to assist them throughout their agriculture activity. Hence the Pongal is believed because of the competition of harvest wherever the Basava, the bull are with farmers for his or her harvest. 

Significance of Pongal 

India is a country where the main source of income will be from agricultural activities. Hence most of the festival is related to nature. Pongal is referred to as Uttarayan Punyakalam, which have significance in Hindu mythology. It is considered an extremely auspicious period of time. 

The Pongal festival remarks at the top of winter. This celebration remarks the start of the six-month journey of the Sun. Moreover, Pongal may be a competition that's a region of cultural tradition within the southern regions additionally they get pleasure from the illustrious dish Pongal throughout this festival celebration. 

It is furthermore celebrated in Tamilnadu to the fullest. In 2021 Pongal is widely known on Jan fourteen, Thursday, and endways Jan seventeen, 2021. 

The word ‘Pongal’ refers ‘to boil’ in Tamil. Pongal is considered a harvest festival celebration. This features a nice significance to the farmers. Individuals in South Asian countries widely known credit their year-yielding crops to the Sun God and Lord Indra. Thus, they celebrate Pongal to indicate feeling to those Gods, additionally, they are doing worship the oxen that facilitate them in growing crops. Pongal referred to "spilling over".Hence on this day, people from the southern part of India boil freshly harvested rice in a mud pot until it spills over the pot. This overflow of Pongal is assumed to be the prosperity of their life in the entire year. 

Pongal Celebration 

Also, Pongal Festival may be a four-day celebration within the southern part of Asian country. Each day is widely marked by completely different festivities. The primary day is named the Bhogi competition, the Second day is named Thai Pongal, the third day is named Mattu Pongal, the fourth day is named Kaanum Pongal. 

During this festival, Tamilians decorate their residence with mango and its leaves, banana leaves, and colourful design made up of rice flour. Later the dishes are served in banana leaves.

According to the monks, throughout this festal season, unwed women prayed for the agricultural prosperity of the country. Indians celebrate Pongal to indicate their feeling to Gods, they were additionally want to worship oxen that facilitate them in growing crops. Asian country may be a country wealthy enough with culture and hues.

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