Hanuman Jayanthi

Hanuman Jayanthi is a grand celebration or festival in India, which remarks the birth of the Lord Hanuman. Who is immensely venerated throughout India and Nepal. Lord Hanuman is also known as Bajrangbali, Kesarinandan, Anjaniputra, and Pawanputra. According to the Hindu calendar, Hanuman Jayanti occurs every year on the Full moon of the month of Chaitra. southern India observes Hanuman Jayanti on Chaitra Poornima, which is approximately around April, the north celebrates it on Chhoti Diwali day.

Tuesday, 27 April will be the grand festival of Hanuman Jayanthi 2021 this year

It is said that, when Goddess  Sita was applying sindoor on her hair, Hanuman asked her why. She replied that by applying sindoor, she ensured a long life for her husband. Hanuman then covered his entire body with sindoor for seeking Rama’s immortality. Later, Hanuman’s idol is daubed with sindoor. This festival is celebrated on different days in different parts of India In most states the festival is observed either in Chaitra, while in a few states like Kerala and Tamil Nadu, it is celebrated in Dhanu 

Hanuman, the Vanara god, is widely venerated throughout India. He is an ardent devotee of Lord Rama. To pay respect to Lord, people worship lord Hanuman, they wake up early in the day, take a clean bath and perform puja along with Lord Hanuman bhajans. it is believed that reciting will help them to resolve their issues in their life. Different kinds of foods, sweets and flowers are also offered to Lord Hanuman on this day. On this auspicious day, devotees of Lord Hanuman celebrate him and seek his protection and blessings.

They flock to temples to worship him and present religious offerings. In return, The devotees receive Prasad by the temple priests as sweets, flowers, coconuts, tilak sacred ash and the holy water. People also celebrate him on this day 

The story behind lord Hanuman is  Lord Hanuman was born to Anjana, the wife of the King of Monkeys. Anjana was cursed by Muni Vishwamitra for disturbing him during his prayer. For this reason, he cursed Anjana that she will give birth to a monkey. Anjana tried her level best to get rid of the curse. She began to worship Lord Shiva to get rid of this curse. It is believed that she urged him to be a part of her son. Thus, it is said that Lord Hanuman is an incarnation of Lord Shiva. The appearance of Hanuman dates back to 2.59 million years before. Hanuman is a deity who symbolizes courage, loyalty and compassion. Hence it is obvious that if you do want to reach out to Lord Rama, you have to pray and please Lord Hanuman.